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Zinc is vital to health, deficiencies do effect your health greatly and most people in the UK are deficient.

Zinc deficiency makes both men and women infertile and causes low libido

Zinc effects testosterone levels greatly

Zinc improves insulin sensitivity (helping weight loss and reducing risk of diabetes)

Zinc is needed to detoxify chemicals (toxicity effects fat storage)

Zinc reduces risk of cancer

Zinc is part of hundreds of reactions in the body

Zinc is needed for the function of red and white blood cells

It is found in every cell in the body, (there isn’t much in your body that doesn’t need zinc)

Blood, bones, immune system, pancreas, kidney all need zinc

Zinc is needed for the maintenance of hormone levels

Zinc affects protein synthesis

Zinc effects training and fat % (enough zinc is necessary for training performance, energy levels, and body composition)

Of major importance is the way in which HCL and zinc are synergistic (HCL is needed to absorb nutrients and break down food) You need zinc to produce hcl and need hcl to absorb zinc.


What foods do you get zinc from:





Wheat germ

Seeds (Pumpkin, Sunflower (10%), Chia (9%), and Flaxseeds )

Nuts (Cashew nuts, Pine nuts (12%), Pecans (9%), Almonds (6%), Walnuts (6%), Peanuts (6%), and Hazelnuts 5%)

Dark baking Chocolate is also high in Zinc providing 85% DV per cup grated and 19% DV per 29g square


Some foods blocks zinc absorption:

Eating things like grains, corn, beans, chic peas, green peas… all prevent the absorption of zinc for that meal. So its best to try NOT to eat legumes along side foods high in zinc such as beef, instead eat legumes or grains either on their own or with food low in zinc such as chicken.


Other things causing deficiencies:

Stomach issues, poor digestion.. will effect your ability to absorb zinc

Taking some medication

Vegetarian diet

Drinking too much alcohol


Signs of deficiency:

Lines on your nails

Poor immune system


Craving sweet or salty foods

low energy

Poor memory

Finding it difficult to focus


Testing zinc levels:

The simplest way to test for zinc is a taste test, using zinc sulfate, the taste test works because taste and smell are reliant on having enough zinc in the body. It is not 100% accurate but it is a good place to start. All Clients at our Potters Bar Studio have regular zinc status tests for free as part of their programs. For the most accurate testing, you can get your blood tested (RBC) we can arrange all Lab test for you via one of the trusted Labs we are registered with.

Zinc Optimal levels: RBC Zinc: 1,400-1,500 ug/dl
(214 – 229.5 u.mol/L)
Conversion: U.g/dl x.0153 = u.mol/L


Bringing zinc levels back up to optimal:

The body doesn’t have a storage system for zinc, so frequent adequate consumption of zinc is needed to maintain zinc levels. For this reason supplementation is the only realistic way to ensure you don’t become deficient. Good news, Zinc is a cheap supplement to take, making it available to all.


Poliquin Uber Zinc Px is by far my favourite zinc, Poliquin Uber zinc utilizes two very distinct superior forms of zinc, zinc orotate and zinc aspartate. Yes I am biased but I have tried some other brands that I also use with clients and they didn’t compare, so now its only Poliquin zinc for me, my family and my clients. To buy or


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