You need tenacity in order to succeed!

I need you to know that there will be many things in life that will catch you off guard, make you struggle and test your boundaries. There will be hectic times and tough situations such as loss or grief.

This may throw you off and it is so easy to give up and let those challenges set you back but you need to deploy tenacity in order to carry on and succeed anyway.

You can either give up or muster up the courage to say “is that is? Is that all you’ve got for me?”

Your mindset is so incredibly important when going through your weight loss journey. If your mindset is weak, the minute things get tough, you’re going to give up and play the blame game. You’re going to make up excuses and justify the choice that you made, to stop. Shifting the blame to someone else or something else helps you cope with the pain of failure

You’ll start saying things like “I can’t do this because of…” and you’ll stick by your excuses when in actual fact, there is never a good enough reason to not take care of yourself. There could never be a good enough reason to let yourself down and not be the best version of yourself, practising self-love and reaching your goals.

It takes determination and tenacity to get what you truly want and reaching your goals

Hear me out. We are not aiming for perfection because when life does get tough, more is demanded from us than ever before and when the glass is already empty, there is nothing left to pour out.

This is why it is so important to make sure you are looking after yourself. As long as you are taking time to be self-aware and know that you are just as important as the problems in front of you.

Perfect meal plans and strict diets are impossible to stick to when we are too busy and “real life” hits us so don’t place hard expectations on yourself. Stay relaxed, accept what you can change, and don’t worry about anything else.  Eat good enough to keep yourself on track but drop those notions of being perfect all of the time.

Once you make the decision to commit and strengthen your mindset, you will reach your goals, you will look at yourself in the mirror and be proud! True weight loss success comes to those who have a strong mindset and the tenacity to keep going even when life gets tough.

Repeat aloud:
“I am not going to let anything prevent me from having a lifestyle that is aligned with who I want to be!”

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See you on the inside!

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