Thyroid as you are probably aware  – effects metabolism….
But it is not as simple as “I have a low thyroid = I will take thyroxine (medication)

I have not yet met someone who’s health and weight dramatically changed once they took thyroxine…

Many women believe the cause of their weight gain is their thyroid function – so they get tested – then think once they start taking the medication, weight will fall off
-BUT I hear all the – how nothing changed…

Hormones do not work on their own – they all effect each other….

and you may want to ask – why is my thyroid low ? and will thyroxine – cure the problem and cause? …

And also keep in mind that you may get tested but your thyroid may not score low enough to warrant the need for medication
BUT that doesn’t mean thyroid is functioning OPTIMALLY for BEST fat loss results or health…

So lets check with my little quiz , to see if you would benefit from supporting your thyroid

– if two or more of these apply to you
then you could assume that you will benefit from supporting thyroid and improving it’s function….

Remember any one of these on their own  is not necessary a thyroid issue but
if 2 or more apply – then it is a good indication that you will benefit from supporting your thyroid function

Thyroid quiz:

1. Thinning of the eyebrows

2. Irregular periods

3. Hair that is brittle, breaks or doesn’t take colour well

4. Nails that are brittle, ridges or lots of white spots

5. History of yoyo dieting

6. Cold hands or feet

7. Lots of cardio / aerobic exercise

8. Low energy

9. Lack of sleep

10. Hashimotis

11. Low B levels or low iron levels

12 Numbness or tingling in the arms

Did you have several of those thyroid indicators ?

There is lots you can do naturally or support and improve thyroid
Such as:
•Not doing cardio
•Not over training
•Not dieting
•Not going too low carb too long
•And some specific vitamins that I give to clients and members of my program to help optimise their fat loss success…
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