The Power of a Positive Mindset in Successful Weight Loss

I just really feel wholeheartedly that weight loss all down to mindset… And I can’t take peoples’ money for nutrition knowledge without letting them know the truth!

The truth is… For most people it’s not about knowing what to eat or to exercise; it’s the MIND! 

I think that the only reason any of us ever eat sugar or unhealthy food out of moderation, is very little to do with the taste and all to do with mindset and emotional reasons or beliefs… 

I can tell you exactly what to eat right now, I do all the time and have been doing so for years, emails, downloads, ebooks, webinars, cheat sheets… BUT knowing what to eat and knowing to exercise is very easy and NOT the real cause or problem… 

It’s mindset, beliefs and even our brain to blame… 

There’s 3 ways that our brain affects our weight loss: 

  1. Brain commanding the body to function (technically and scientifically).
  2. Emotional conscious and subconscious beliefs. And how you deal with your emotions, past trauma, comfort eating, not feeling good enough, food makes  you happy – sabotaging, procrastinating….
  3. Manifesting results, law of attraction (attracting more of what you focus on).

For this blog we are going to focus more on point 1 and 2 – the subconscious mind and the commands of the brain. 

If you think about it, your brain is the one that tells your body what to do, nothing in your body can work without the correct commands from your brain. Even your metabolism is triggered by your mind and/or brain.

  • Your brain controls the hormones that determine your metabolism.  
  • Your brain tells your body to release thyroid hormones (brain produces TRH to tell pituitary gland to release thyroid stimulating hormone TSH).
  • Your brain even plays a part in how well your body manages sugar. And so on… 

I’m discovering more and more how you can help to cure peoples’ bodies and weight loss by reprogramming their beliefs and their brain. Amazing!!

I’m now very proud to announce I’m a certified RTT practitioner and I’m very excited to be able to offer RTT Therapy (Rapid Transformation Technique) as part of my services…

I’m specialising in using RTT for wealth and weight loss.

I’ve already been using RTT with my clients and within my main program “once and for all” with phenomenal results… This is a real game changer for your weight loss and overall well being!

I’m really good at helping people identify their weight loss blocks!

RTT Therapy was a natural transgression for me to be able to help you with your relationship with food. The brilliance of RTT Therapy is that it targets the subconscious beliefs in your mind, so they may not always seem logical at first.

The best way to understand RTT Therapy is to give you some examples that have come up in clients RTT sessions:

  • Sarah didn’t feel good enough as a child,  The feeling of not being good enough  translates into you needing “more”, which the brain interprets as needing more comfort; or often comfort food. I’m finding this really strong connection between this feeling and overeating in many of my clients.
  • Sue grew up in a household that struggled to pay the bills and put food on the table. As an adult, these things are now accessible to her in abundance, so as a result she overeats.. Her brain still has a belief  that there may not be enough money around so you should eat while you can.
  • I’ve also seen women feel bad about spending money on healthy food because deep down they don’t feel comfortable spending money on themselves because they have a deep rooted belief they don’t deserve it, or fear of not having enough money or food (this is where I find that weight loss and wealth blocks truly interlock and limit each other).
  • Maybe you put other people’s needs before your own and therefore have no time for exercise or eat very little during the day and then eat fast food when you get hungry. 
  • Maybe you were taught to finish what was on your plate so you eat the rest even though you are full every time.
  • Or maybe your siblings were fussy and you ate everything and got praised for it. You continue to eat everything on your plate because you subconsciously know it deserves praise.

I believe that the only reason that people don’t eat healthy or take better care of themselves is because of their mindset, not because they don’t know how. You can heal from all of this and when you realise that these beliefs are not really valid then your motivation increases, you have more time for exercise and you can’t hide behind belief-driven excuses anymore.

You can always find time for yourself – a few minutes less on your phone, group messages, texting, social media, watching TV and all other forms we use for procrastinating (these are in disguise distractions from “feelings”; maybe to avoid feeling lonely or not good enough). When we feel good enough and we know that we are important enough, we actually become more proactive and productive. 

The mind is clever at tricking you into thinking that you are always eating well but there is sometimes that you sabotage yourself when it holds you back from your goal. This sometimes happens with RTT Therapy as well but we can quickly discover what subconscious trigger returned to establish why it happened and fix it before it sabotages you further.

Let’s work together! If you would like to work with me on your 2021 weight loss goals through RTT Therapy, get in touch with me here.

If you want to start with practical knowledge first then my Weight Loss Breakthrough in a Box, helping you stay on track in the right positive mindset for weight loss, is just for you!

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