Online Weight Loss Program Testimonials:


I learnt SO much from Natalie about how to look after my body and really understand what makes it feel healthy and perform at its best. I had no clue about supplements gut health or sleep. She gives you the tools to make changes and understand your health in a mindful way. Would 100 recommend to anyone wanting to make a life change.

June 2020


It’s been the best present I’ve ever done to myself! The plan works and the support from Natalie is absolutely great, she’s very knowledgable. I’ve learned a lot during this journey, one of the best things is that I’m back in control of myself and that’s an amazing feeling! On top of that… pounds keep coming off!
Thank you Natalie! I will forever be grateful 🙂

13 February 2020


Natalie has been amazing so far. Looking forward to starting my journey. Beach body here i come 😉

12 February 2020


Where would I be today without this woman??!! Natalie, the Founder of Once and For All, has changed my life! I contacted her because I wanted to lose weight and live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. She worked closely with me, proving invaluable nutritional guidance and literally held my hand whilst working through her programme. My results were amazing and I am continuing with my new lifestyle change even though the programme has ended because I am enjoying the new me! I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie and Once and For All. She’s a diamond and you won’t regret it.

30 October 2019


A first rate and very personal service. Advice and guidance given that makes for life long changes. Natalie is a highly effective practitioner and mentor. I full heartedly recommend Once and For All.

26 Sep 2019


Natalie is very knowledgeable and her programme covers many aspects of weight loss, not just diet or exercise but mind frame and moral support email which for someone like me, was extremely helpful. I lost weight, fell back in love with myself and even though Id like to lose a little more, I know have the know how and tools to get this done myself.
Thank you Natalie!

26 Sep 2019


Amazing. I have fallen back in love with food again. Can not recommend Natalie this enough

25 Sep 2019

Ebere Ezeunala

it is great working with Natalie to get me where I need to be with my weight and my eating habit, so far I am enjoying eating what I like and keeping healthy at the same time, it is still early days but so far I am really happy and glad that she is helping be because she is quite attentive and is available at any time to help.

25 Sep 2019


Great service and I found a fantastic nutritionist

06 Sep 2019


I needed advice on eating healthy and didn’t know where to start. I am regularly active but it was my diet and mindset I struggled with. Natalie helped change the way I thought about being healthy and how to integrate it into my lifestyle.
I was apprehensive at first but the support and coaching you receive from Natalie will change the way you view a healthy lifestyle, you do it for you!
If you commit and start with an open mind it will work!

04 Sep 2019

The support and program I was given was absolutely incredible. Natalie covered every aspect of improving your lifestyle. When I contacted Natalie, I was foggy headed, having lots of tummy trouble, low self esteem, weight I couldn’t shift and treating myself pretty bad really. But since starting my program, my life has completely transformed. My body does not only look better, but I feel amazing!! I look after myself more and feel so much more confident. If it wasn’t for Natalie, her support and her program, I’d have still have been limping through life, eating horrific foods, hardly sleeping and subjecting my family to my mood swings. Her program is second to none. I could not recommend Natalie enough.

Marisca 04 Aug 2019

Amazing it works!. Natalie has nailed it, by approaching all aspects of health including hormones, metabolism, gut, mindset, exercise and food intake in a gradual manner does this approach not only have good results it is also long lasting.
Natalie is an expert in her field and has 100% enthusiasm and commitment to her clients all of the time. After just a short 12 week programme, I have reached all my goals and I have never felt better. Thank you so much Natalie..


I’m still working with Natalie. She is amazing. She really cares about my progress and getting me to my goal. She is there anytime I need her and is a mine field of information in health, nutrition, weight loss and much more. She never judges, just supports, guides and provides her knowledge.


Fabulous, Natalie is truely amazing. Knows her stuff.. highly recommend


Fantastic…. really personal service. Helped improve my health as well as weight and inch loss. Confidence has improved also. Thank you so much Natalie you trusty are a superstar


Thanks to Natalie I was able to improve my lifestyle! Feeling happier and much healthier! I can’t thank Natalie enough for all her support!


Change my life, my way of thinking gave me the right skills to improve myself


Very enthusiastic and actually cared about what my needs were and what my goals were on a personal level

Suzie Clements

Very professional and seemed very competent. I am considering contacting her again in the future. I decided to take a different route first for medical reasons.


Natalie helped me enormously in both my training and my nutrition. Training was great in that it was always varied and for the first time in my life I never got bored of going to the gym.

My diet was poor but gradually got better with Natalie’s help especially her advice in not cutting everything out in one go!


Natalie is an amazing nutritionalist and personal trainer.
She has changed my life and educated me on making smart decisions and sustainable adaptations to what I eat and how I train, rather than falling from one fad diet to the next, putting weight on, losing it and repeating the cycle continuously.
I now look and feel great, and know I can be a happier and healthier me for the rest of my life.
Thank you Natalie, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Natalie trained me post pregnancy. She always put a lot of planning and thought into both my training and providing healthy options in terms of eating and general well-being. Sleep was always a problem for me, and Natalie provided solutions which helped me get a good night sleep! I have incorporated all Natalie’s advice into my daily life and can definitely see the long term benefits.

Trudi Labyerie

Natalie has one of the best work ethic’s around. All her advice is well researched, delivered with enthusiasm, knowledge and motivation, and her results speak for themselves. Natalie has helped me no end in my training, nutrition, sleep and hormones and I feel great. All her advice is easy to follow and easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Helen Wilson

Just 5 weeks after giving birth and with only 10 weeks till I’d be hearing wedding bells, i employed help of Natalie Portelli to educate me in nutrition and exercise.
Natalie gave me great advise on my overall body, mood, nutrition and exercise.
Everyone is different so your plan is very individual.
My goals and result was to shrink back into pre baby weight quickly and maintain it ‘Once and for all’.

Goal achieved! and adopted new habits to maintain it.

Thank you Natalie Portelli for making me physically and mentally stronger 💪🏼

Nina Sept 2016

“Natalie just wanted to say thanks for your time and invaluable knowledge, even for an experienced trainer like myself it was a pleasure working with you and tapping into your knowledge and I would have no issues recommending you to anyone else”


August 2016

“This is the best Online Weight Loss program, It contains everything and more… I will always be grateful for your support and genuine care for my health and weight loss”

Mr Canfield

“I wanted to lose weight more than anything but every attempt had failed, I had started to give up and started to believe I would never lose weight. I had 90lb to lose and felt so over whelmed… Natalie’s Once And For All program is life changing”

Mrs A

“I have achieved all of my goals in time for the arrival of my next child. I also know enough now to be able to maintain my diet and fitness by myself.”

“As a busy working parent the Once And For All program worked perfectly, I was able to fit the whole program in around my busy life”

“I had been wanting to make significant changes to my lifestyle for some time. It’s not an easy thing to do, even without work and family pressures, and I could not have done it without Natalie’s support and knowledge.”
Mr Croad

“Since working with Natalie through her online program she has re-educated me regarding My food choices. Natalie has an incredible work ethic and extremely knowledgable in this area and it’s always a pleasure working with her”
Leigh Thomas – Persaud

“Hi Natalie, just thought I’d let you know had my first compliment today since starting the program just 10 days ago!!!
Apparently my skin looks better and I look as if I’ve lost weight! I do feel so much better already.”

“The way I feel at the moment I haven’t like this for years – so thank you”
Mrs Scott

“Your knowledge, work ethic and principles are outstanding, you should feel proud!”
Miss Willson

Testimonials for Online Programs Energy, Sleep, Digestion:

I cannot recommend Natalie’s talent enough !! I found her on recommendation, my problem was a severe lack of energy.. Could fall asleep at 2pm any day of the week. At 42 and having always spent 4-5 days a week in the gym lifting weights since my teens, and cardio for certain mountain training I wouldn’t say I’m a couch potato. I figured enough was enough and it was time to seek advice from someone in the know.

Follow her every word and you can’t go wrong, obviously I’ve had to make some diet changes and it’s not an overnight fix. It will be hard work, that’s why you don’t see many fit people down the high street !! But her methods and advice don’t make it anywhere near as difficult as you may think your challenge is. You have to be totally committed and if you do cheat it will only take longer so my advice is knuckle down and get on with it. I was such a sugar fiend, red bull and biscuits was a normal breakfast !! I’m amazed now, the difference it’s made and how that changes what you can do in life, or in my case, how much more !! I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.


21st October 2015

”I have so much energy when I get in, I no longer fall asleep on the sofa when I get in.”

L.P March 2015

“I had a wonderful nights sleep! Feeling refreshed, and full of energy. Thank you!”

January 2015

“I sometimes think about how bad my tummy was before and thank god I came to you. My eating habits have changed forever and I feel so much healthier and stronger.”

23rd Sept 2014

Testimonials for One-One Programs:

”I feel a lot healthier, alert and focused. The training has given me a massive incentive and the improved uninterrupted sleep makes me feel so much better the next day, (even though I didn’t realise I had poor sleep, I thought I just needed to use the bathroom, every night:)

Thanks x

Helen M

May 2015

“I started training with Natalie sporadically 2 years ago and was blown away by her knowledge. I got my body moving in ways I didn’t realise were possible and as a result got Stronger and Leaner. After a training sabattical I became pregnant. in the early phase of my pregnancy I had severe sickness and energy issues. On a whim I asked Natalie for some help and yet again was blown away by the information she shared with me. After following her dietary and supplementary advice my energy levels sky rocketted and my sickness disappeared. I regard her now as my health advisor and blindly trust her above any medical doctor I have evern come across. I am so thankful for Natalie. Her holistic knowledge is second to none and she is a superb trainer. She is always available for advice and sharing her knowledge which is something I absolutely value. I would highly recommend Natalie as a Personal Trainer but you will get far more from her, she will make you healthier than you have been in your life, and all with a smile.”

11th Jan 2014
Thank you Natalie.
from Natalie J


“Just to say, again, how much I’m loving the effects of Biosignature protocol! I’m definitely recommending more of my friends get in touch and feel the benefits for themselves! I’m really thrilled with the latest results & have never felt so good! Thanks for all your motivation, time and expertise – it makes such a difference and really enhances the whole experience! :o)”


“Training with Natalie has become part of my life now. She knows how to push me in all the right ways to get results and encourages me that I can go that extra step even when I think I can’t!’”


“I first went to see Natalie because my weight had plateaued at 9st 10 and no amount of “training” made a difference!
I woke up at least 3 times a night and unable to sleep past  4am every single night , I was also uncomfortably bloated.

Nearly a year later I now weigh 9st and am so much leaner.
I sleep through the night every night and I never get that awful bloated feeling anymore.

She has also helped me with other things but for those reasons alone you should go and see her………it really does work!!!”

Gemma 2006

“Thank you so much for all your help in getting me into peak shape for my wedding, I know everyone always tells the bride she looks lovely…. But most importantly I felt absolutely fantastic and everyone commented on how amazingly toned my arms looked.”

Samantha Lang

“I can safely say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Natalie has helped me to improve my IBS as well as improving my overall fitness, muscle tone and posture.  If I ever needed proof of the results it was last summer in Spain when my friend asked me how long it would take her to get a figure like mine.”


I contacted Natalie after-being amazed by how great a friend looked, I first went to see Natalie because I wanted to lose a little fat from my bum, belly and legs, although we are only half way through my program I wanted to write a review to say how truly grateful I am for her help so far… It has been life changing, I am no longer constipated and I sleep wonderfully every night (these are not even things I expected to see any improvements with) I am the healthiest I have ever felt and my legs, belly and bum are gradually starting to shrink and tighten, I am loving the “new lifestyle you have put me on” thank you so much!

Katie August 2012 -2013

Thanks you are a star.
I feel that I have changed the way I eat and train thanks to you. I feel so much more healthier, my skin is good, digestion & sleep are now great, So thanks x 

Helen 30th May 2013 


“Being a sportsman/ coach I’m very interested in all the elements that make people perform better. In my own case I believed that diet was a big factor holding back my training and health in general.
I was lucky enough to find Natalie whom has helped me not only decrease my body fat percentage considerably and create healthy eating habits but help asthma and hay-fever symptoms.
Through smarter food choices and better habits my hay-fever symptoms are barely noticeable, which for a coach that works on grass is a godsend.

Not only has Natalie helped with my diet but also discovered problem areas through physical screening that effect my technique. That alone has convinced me to ask her for further help with training specific to my sport.
I have no doubt that she’ll help me get better.”

Nick Pateman
Head Professional, Pinner Hill GC
Middlesex & Hertfordshire County Coach

April 2015