Keto, Fasting & Calorie Counting

Knowing what to eat is easy. We all get so consumed about what to eat and what exercise to do. 

We overwhelm and confuse ourselves and the less we understand, the more we Google and you end up with what I call ‘paralysis of analysis’. 

KNOWING what to eat is never the real problem… 

Because knowing what to eat is very easy…

Sure latest fads and new diets… they can get confusing…

But a healthy balanced lifestyle is very easy and never confusing at all… 

My approach with nutrition is simply what the human body is designed to eat but In a relaxed balanced way… 

In fact my advice with food hasn’t changed at all since 2010 and why would it? Humans haven’t evolved since then 😉 lol 

I can’t reinvent the human body – so why reinvent what we need to eat to stay lean and thrive…. 

I know a lot of nutritionists wouldn’t agree with some of the things I say but people come to me after they have seen these nutritionists and the nutritionists went on about 5G, strictly organic eating and popping endless amounts of pills all the time.

There are so many diets out there that it’s not surprising that there is so much confusion about what to eat for weight loss. I’m going to share my experience with fasting, Keto, calorie counting diets and weight loss groups so that you can make informed decisions.

  1. Fasting. While it can work for some, I find personally that it’s not great for females or for long-term sustainability. It can work but then it slows down your metabolism after a while. It can help with blood-sugar levels but at the cost of your thyroid. If you are going to fast, only do so until 11am; longer than that will make you experience mood drops, lethargy and lower in strength and brain power. Also make sure that you are still getting all your nutrients in for the day in your meals after that.
  2. Keto. It can work well but I think it has gone to an extreme and people are doing it way too long. I’ve had people come to me who have been doing it for too long and it was so hard to get their metabolism going again. Really, keto should be low carb for no longer than four weeks. You can go into ketosis on a low carb diet but you don’t want to stay in ketosis all the time – there are no long-term studies on it so it is largely unknown if it can cause health problems later on.
  3. Calorie counting. I am really not a fan of this kind of dieting; simply because not all calories are created equally. I just think there are so many healthy foods that you shouldn’t count and they should be free. So if you are going to calorie count, you should have a list of healthy foods that you don’t count. For me, it’s also really neurotic and boring, and I’m yet to meet someone who’s happy calorie counting. 
  4. Weight loss groups. There is loads of evidence that these can help. Doing it in groups has been found to improve success. I personally wouldn’t go somewhere where I have to weigh in because I think it negatively affects your mindset and can be really inaccurate for women just because it isn’t always accurate due to hormonal changes. But groups (like my Facebook group) help with positivity, accountability and commitment.

We don’t want to get lean at the cost of our health… For me, it all comes down to the question: “is there an easier and better way?” Yes there is! You can have it all!

We can get too worried about stuff… My approach is balance – one bad meal isn’t going to kill me. I’m healthy, happy and it’s really easy for me to maintain. It’s not for anyone to dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t eat. It’s about informing you.

I give you the information on what a healthy balanced lifestyle is and then you can make informed choices for yourself. It’s down to you to choose your lifestyle!

Basic healthy eating is meat nuts, vegetables and fruit. Low carb not no carb for weight loss. If you aren’t growing or genetically gifted to rapidly burn off what you eat then you grow outwards. That’s all it is!

If you would like to work with me on your weight loss goals, get rid of those cravings, find balance and be at a deeper level of understanding of how your mind and body work together to achieve weight loss, get in touch with me here.

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