Do you suffer from Analysis Paralysis?

I’ve been helping women with weight loss for over 18 years and the most common thing that I hear during my consultations is that people are confused. They are so confused over knowing what to eat. “Should I eat low fat? Full fat? Should I try Keto? What about fasting? Will I benefit from a low carb diet? Should I be calorie counting?“. 


People are so confused!


They don’t know what to do for the best and it’s just so overwhelming. Information overload leads to paralysis of analysis. You can get so confused that you don’t know where to even begin!


You’re probably thinking that you need to be on a strict diet in order to lose weight? Here’s the kicker; with each diet, you are slowing down your metabolism little by little. This stops your thyroid from functioning at it’s best and here’s what happens:


Let’s say you are a size 14 and you do a diet which gets you down to a size 12, once you go off the diet and start eating “normally”, you could end up being a size 16 because you’ve slowed down your metabolism. So each diet that you do, you could end up getting bigger and bigger and bigger, but eating even less than before. I’ve seen that with people, they just keep cutting back their calories and keep cutting back their food intake, but it doesn’t help.


What if you could eat more and be leaner and slimmer? 


Imagine that you had a healthy, balanced lifestyle that you really enjoyed and made you happy. Imagine that your weight loss was so easy and so effortless. Imagine you could eat more, but become leaner. Well, IT’S POSSIBLE!


Now, I know diets can cause reservations, but before you let that put you off, hear me out. I’m going to show you exactly how in my new Weight Loss Breakthrough – In A Box! 


I’m going to show you exactly what to eat from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Think of it as fine-tuning your food, not striving for perfection, towards your goals. 


Instead of following a daily meal regime which is so restrictive, I will teach you how to make better choices so that you don’t feel left bound to eating a pork chop on Monday because you have to, but rather switching to a chicken breast because that’s what you feel like. It’s about recognising that we aren’t robots, get bored of pattern and, most importantly, should feel empowered by knowing how to make our food work for our goals, while still enjoying the food we eat.


By joining my new Weight Loss Breakthrough – In A Box, you will get:


  • Videos teaching you to take back your power over what you eat.
  • My ebook with checklists to help you along with your journey.
  • My meal plan guide, with 14 breakfasts, 14 lunches, 14 dinner ideas, and even some takeaway and eating out suggestions.
  • Membership to a Facebook group to ask me questions and to be a part of a dedicated community of fellow members that will help provide the accountability and support you need along your journey.
  • Helpful downloads including mantras, affirmations, meditation, food diaries and so much more to support you in the process.


What are you waiting for?! Join a community learning to tailor their food to become a lighter, healthier and happier version of themselves in the link below and I will meet you in the Facebook group. See you soon!



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