Case study # 1
Job: Director
Age: 48 year old
Other: Single Mum

This client actually went beyond her goal and at one point asked me for advice to not lose any more fat πŸ™‚

There was a very pivotal moment at the start, when something I said to her, sparked her mindset to "change" in an instant!
From that moment on, she sailed through the program and her results results came very easily....
So what was it I said ?
Something along the lines of:
" You got what you are today, because you believed you could, you applied the belief, that you could be successful in your career And then achieved all that you wanted.... Now all you need to do is apply that same exact mindset of believing in yourself, to your weight loss and you'll be equally successful with your weight loss as you are within business. You will find my mindset coaching easy to apply because you've done already, It's just replying to weight loss instead of Business. You see mindset is mindset and weight loss comes down to your "core belief system"

Results in 12 weeks:
31 cm lost (only from places measured, would . have been more all over )

Measurements At the start:
Chest 93
Waist 79
Hips 94
Above knee ish Thigh L 59cm
Upper arms L 28

Measurements at the end program:
Waist 79 after 70 - 9cm
Hips 94 after 89 - 5cm
Thigh 59 after 55 - 4cm
Upper arm after 26 - 2cm
Chest after 86 - 7cm
Above knee after 41 - 4cm
Weight 9”11.8 after 9”1’8 - 10 pounds lost

List created on first call
(What is going to be "needed" to get desired results)

βœ“ = achieved

βœ“ Mindset

βœ“ Look after self well emotionally

βœ“ Emotional eating

βœ“ Less sugar / break bad habits

βœ“ Build new habits

βœ“ Self control

βœ“ Help with exercise

βœ“ Maintain forever

βœ“ Get results to keep going

Goal List
(Created on firs call)

βœ“ = achieved
βœ“ From 10 to 9.5 (8.13 ) smashed it

βœ“ Tight 10 to lose lean 10 (smashed it Karen Millan 10s all too big )

βœ“ Not feel flabby

βœ“ Legs arms abs

βœ“ Suits and skirts fit looser

βœ“ All wardrobe fit looser

βœ“ Karen dress go back down a notch

βœ“ Feel comfortable in all clothes or more clothes for travelling in

βœ“ Confidence

βœ“ Feel healthier / live long health life

βœ“ Look and feel healthy, attractive and younger

βœ“ Enjoy shopping - buy and look good in anything

βœ“ To look good in bikini

βœ“ Look good for holiday

βœ“ Role model - less sugar binge

βœ“ Meet up with old boss

βœ“ Not judge self

βœ“ Look good naked / should the occasion arise

βœ“ Energised

βœ“ Get a personal shopper - in process

Review from this Lady:
Amazing it works!. Natalie has nailed it, by approaching all aspects of health including hormones, metabolism, gut, mindset, exercise and food intake in a gradual manner does this approach not only have good results it is also long lasting.
Natalie is an expert in her field and has 100% enthusiasm and commitment to her clients all of the time. After just a short 12 week programme, I have reached all my goals and I have never felt better. Thank you so much Natalie..

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Case study # 2
Husband away in the army
Mum of two young kids
Post natal depression
Low Self Esteame
Feeling down about herself
Stuck in a rut

*To go from a size 16 - first get to a size 14
* From 90kg - down to 83kg
* For her husband to notice a difference when he returns home, for him to return to a leaner happier wife

Weight - 83kg
Size 14
(final goal achieved - half way through program:)

I Cried On the final "sign off" call with this lady, we both cried, it was very emotional moment, when I read back her list of goals to her, even though it had only been 12 weeks, If I hadn't have written notes on that first call, she would have completely forgotten how she felt just 12 weeks ago (at the start program) Because she had changed so much, she no longer resinated with the person who wrote the goal list, she had forgotten how bad she was feeling before.

We wasn't crying happy tears, because of her weight loss (although that was also fanfastic) but because she is now happy

It was ticking off this goal that "did me"
βœ“ "For my children to have happy memories of me"

Measurements Start: Half way through the program:
Bust 42 37
Waist: 36 27
Thigh: 25 24
Arms: 14 13

βœ“ Size 14

βœ“ Feel sense of achievement

βœ“ Not feel like a failure

βœ“ Feel like me again

βœ“ Confidence

βœ“ Self esteem

βœ“ Look different Nov when husband returns

βœ“ Healthy

[_] Like how look in mirror = working progress
βœ“ Wear dresses

βœ“ Nice tighter gym top

βœ“ Improve mood

βœ“ Positive role model

βœ“ Kids to have good happy memories of mum

βœ“ Go out

βœ“ Get out of rut

[_] Like how look in photos = working progress
βœ“ Not feel haggard / thrumpy mum

βœ“ Enhance relationship - self esteem so feel husband will want her -

List of needs - I need to make sure are covered to achieve desired results

βœ“ Increase metabolism

βœ“ Improve digestion

βœ“ Clear on food

βœ“ Switch mindset - so doesn't emotionally eat or reward eat

βœ“ Be positive

√ Support
√ Accountability
√ Reassurance