I’m a firm believer in having treats!

I do NOT like strict diets because they make you unhappy and they NEVER work (long term)…in fact for busy corporate and entrepreneurial women there often simply isn’t time for all that weighing and measuring! Treats can help you stick to your weight loss journey. I advise most people on my programmes to have treats every week!

Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t be too strict!
Make sure you have treats, otherwise you’ll feel deprived and won’t be able to maintain your “lifestyle” or results!
I recommend having 1-2 treats a week, you can do this by either have a treat once every 4-6 days or you could save both treats for weekends. Treats work best, when they are planned and not just because you find it in front of you…

Now we’ve established you can and should have treats BUT do you really need your cupboards full of “treats”? This can lead to you either eating them all or torturing yourself trying to resist.

Remove temptation!
Let’s get a bit Marie Kondo. Go to your cupboards now and clear out any crisps, chocolate biscuits, sweets. Throw them in the bin, don’t worry about it being a waste of money, if you add it all up, it will only come to a few pounds!

Whether you put them in the bin or put them in your mouth (it is still the same waste…) these foods have no nutrition value so you either treat your “rubbish bin” as a bin or your “body” as a bin (your choice).

And the real benefit of this exercise is that you are leaving room in your cupboards for all the lovely, tasty, amazing foods that will sustain and nourish you over the coming weeks.

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