Drinking enough water, should be the first dietary change you make for your weight loss or health plan.

In this very brief informative post we will cover: How much water to drink, the best water and adding electrolytes.


How much water do you really need to drink!?
Correct amount to drink = 0.6 ounces per lb in body weight.
eg. If you weighed 132.3 pounds = you would need to drink 79.4 ounces (2.litres)
37millilitres per kg of body weight.
eg. 60kg = you would need to drink 2,220millilitres (2.2litres)


The best way to drink water:

Contamination of toxins. UK water is amongst the worst water there is, it’s been found to have several chemicals, metal toxins, high fluoride, medication and even cocaine…

  • Fit a good quality filter onto your shower and on to your kitchen tap…. (Environmental Working Group can help you choose the best filter for you.)
  • Buy glass-bottled spring water.
  •  If the above two options are not always suitable,  whilst you are work etc then your next best option is to either buy bottled plastic bottled or use a good filter jug. *It’s a good idea to have  bpa-free water bottle to carry your water around in. *Never let your plastic bottle get warm as chemicals will leak into your water. *The lower the number on the bottom of the bottle the better it is.

Minerals & or Electrolytes will need to be added
When you filter water yourself or buy bottled water , along with the removal of harmful chemicals some important minerals are removed too.

Drinking plain water dilutes the electrolytes in your tissues.

The kidneys have to restore the electrolyte balance in the body, to do this they need to excrete this plain water from the body, so drinking plain water actually does little to hydrate you especially as electrolytes are taken with it. Ever feel like the water you drink just goes right through you and you need to pee all the time? Drinking plain water by itself can relieve thirst but in order to re hydrate and not dehydrate you need to add minerals back into the water…

Diets high in electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium have been shown to reduce hypertension, increase energy, improve sleep….

Adding of electrolytes can be done by:

  • Adding a pinch of natural untreated salt to every litre you drink. (any white salt is bad for you)  it must be untreated, natural salt, it should be yellow, pink or grey.
  • Or to get water back to it’s better electrolyte hydrating state you can add a sachet of electrolytes to 1 litre of water 1-4 x a day.
  • My favourite way at the moment is to just use Incite on training days. I find that I am more hydrated with less water and have more energy for training.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables help keep your tissues hydrated.
  • Drinking fruit and vegetable juices that have been processed properly to maintain their electrolytes (NOT SPORTS DRINKS OR CONCENTRATED FRUIT JUICES.)

If you train with us be sure to ask for a free sample of Incite to try.

At our Potters Bar studio we always provide a complimentary bottled water with fresh lime & pink or grey salt.


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