You’re not alone: Answers to those burning nutrition FAQ’s

I get a lot of questions about nutrition and people always seem to be wanting to know what to eat and what not to eat.

I give this advice out freely because knowing what to eat is the easy part… It’s really more to do with mindset (comfort eating, sabotage, falling off, limiting beliefs etc). 

But you still need to know the basics with food… So here’s my advice!

FYI: My advice has not changed over the years because the human body hasn’t changed, nor will it ever change (not in my lifestyle anyway).

Achieving a “healthy balance” of 4 main food groups is often the key to getting the nutrition we need.

These generally are:

  1. Fruits and vegetables

(Rich in vitamins, fibre, minerals, and beneficial phytochemicals.)

  1. Protein-rich foods

(Protein helps repair body tissues and maintain muscle mass, lower body fat, increase metabolism. Plus these foods usually come with high levels of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and iron.)

  1. Healthy Fats

(Helps balance blood sugar, reduce cravings and improve metabolism. Some are essential for vitamin absorption, brain health, energy, as well as for skin, hair, and joint health.)


That’s it! Keeping it simple!! 

You don’t need fasting, keto, calorie counting… Yes, they may work but I believe it’s better to be more relaxed, happy and find a balance that you can maintain…  There is  an easier and better way!

Now you know the basics, if you want more nutrition advice see my frequently asked questions below.

Then after that, if you still find that knowing isn’t enough to help, don’t feel bad. It’s just that the real reason why healthy eating and weight loss isn’t happening is because you need a little help with mindset.

Each of us are different in our thinking, past experiences and self-esteem (all things that can hold us back in achieving our goals). The good news is that this means, by clearing these mindset blocks, you can be set free to finally have the life and body you desire… 

But if you have a burning nutrition question that you want to ask, perhaps you will find your answer here:



  • Is Xylitol a suitable alternative to sugar?


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, which is okay to have but only in very small quantities as it aggravates the gut.



  • What’s the best meat to eat?


Any meat that’s not processed (packet meat, salami etc). So chicken, beef, pork and lamb… Any game is very good.Free range or organic is best, but just get the best quality you can. I use a free range butcher and some clients use Athleat Online. I also use good quality gluten-free chicken in breadcrumbs. 



  • What should I be eating for breakfast?


Things like eggs, meat or seeds and yoghurt.



  • What should I be eating for lunch?


Meat and veg, or meat and salad. Or low-carb bread with some ham, tomatoes and avocado.



  • What should I be eating for dinner?


Things like meat and vegetables, zero carb skinny rice or pasta can be a great side dish..



  • What fruit should I be eating?


Your “go-to daily fruit” is best to keep as berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries etc), but you can eat other fruits as well.



  • What cheeses are good for weight loss?


The harder the cheese, the worse it is for fat and heart disease. Go for softer cheeses like cottage cheese (as much as you like), halloumi, feta and mozzarella (these in moderation once or twice a week).



  • How much is enough when eating nuts?


You can eat 6 handfuls (your handful) of nuts a day as a guideline. Any kind of nut (except for peanuts), just not roasted nuts because that turns the goodness bad.



  • Is cous-cous a good choice?


No, it’s wheat so it’s not healthy. 



  • What about gluten-free foods?


It’s best to go gluten-free as much as you can. Gluten is bad for your thyroid, causes inflammation of the gut, joints and brain, and even puts you at a higher risk of things like Alzeimers. It’s found in wheat, barley and rye.



  • Isn’t healthy eating expensive?


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be drastically expensive. In fact, you can get your fruits and vegetables, protein, whole grains, dairy, and fats at very reasonable prices (it might require some shopping around!). You don’t have to buy expensive organic or gluten-free produce if you don’t want to. Nor do you need to buy exotic and expensive imported products. If you shop smart, you can obtain delicious, nutritious foods for less than you think!



  • Why do I get cravings?


Cravings occur for a few reasons, it’s just about establishing which one or ones are affecting you. Here are two of the most common reasons:

Unmanaged Glycemia. A fancy way of saying unmanaged sugar in your blood.

Parasites in your gut. Particularly if you get cravings in the evenings… Sugar is also linked to this as they multiply when they are fed sugar.



  • Why have diets not worked for me?


Eating for weight loss and health is the easy part and it’s not the reason that you aren’t getting results. The real reason is mindset and that’s something that many women either don’t think about or want to think about.


But it’s really what makes the biggest difference to achieving weight loss success, living your best life as the best version of you… 

And beget falling off the wagon ever again…

If you are a busy woman and need some guidance on how to navigate weight loss with your lifestyle, be sure to join my free Facebook group, Transformation Lounge with live videos to help with mindset tips, along with support, practical advice and much more!

What have you got to lose?

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