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Natalie Portelli

Founder & Director of Once and for all

Weight loss Author


Weight loss programs run internationally

(Private studio in Potters Bar, one-one sessions are currently only available for celebrities)

With a long history of success in London and Hertfordshire, a weight loss book and a 100% successful online weight loss programs, Natalie has become well known as one of the best weight loss coaches in the UK.

Natalie’s approach is fail safe, bringing maximal results to everyone she’s ever helped!

From working hands on in the health & fitness industry since 2003 and earning ¬†qualifications in nutrition, physiology, kinesiology, bio-mechanics…. Natalie has a vast amount of experience and world class knowledge to draw from, enabling her to help every client reach their full potential. Natalie combines ALL the skills that are needed (Nutrition, mindset, health, hormone’s, exercise prescription,) this insures all areas are covered so that nothing is left to chance!

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