7 mindset obstacles probably holding you back from losing weight!

Changing your mindset is really about removing blocks and limiting beliefs, then replace them with new beliefs. When you change your mindset, it not only helps prevent you from ever falling off ever again, but you can also actually enjoy making healthy choices for yourself. The good news is, all it takes to improve mindset is to be aware of what is holding you back.

7 weight loss mindset shifts to be aware of:

  1. Practising self-compassion

We’re never aiming for perfection all of the time, so if you eat something that wasn’t on your plan, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Those who feel ashamed or bad will often turn to binge eating or fall off the wagon. Instead, see it for what it is; “it’s ok it’s just one food, it’s just a treat”. Maybe you’ll see it as a positive if it helps you realise that you don’t actually want those foods anymore. They no longer bring you joy.

Speak to yourself like you would your best friend. You wouldn’t tell your friend that she’s bad and doing rubbish because she had a treat or made one bad food choice.  You would remind her how well she’s been doing and encourage her to carry on!

  1. You are not using the right language

I hear this all the time; “I’d rather die than give up carbs”. It may sound dramatic but I wonder if you’ve ever thought or said something similar? You may believe or even say “chocolate makes me happy” or “I have no will power”. If you tell your brain any of these thoughts, do you think you will ever reduce your carbohydrates? No!

Your brain only hears the words you program it with. It doesn’t matter that it’s not logical and insane. Your brain will always choose to keep you happy and safe and by telling your brain that you cannot live happily without cabs, you will always turn to eat carbs without even knowing why.

Also, try avoid the words “I’m not allowed”.  It’s more empowering to remind yourself you are an adult and can choose to eat whatever you want. Instead, try saying, “I choose not to eat that right now because I choose to be lean and healthy”.

  1. Addressing the negative consequences that you subconsciously fear.

Believe it or not, there may be negative consequences associated with weight loss. You may have fears like your friends being jealous of your new lean figure and you’ll no longer fit in with them or they won’t enjoy eating out with you any more. You may also believe that everyone will say you’re “shallow” and all you care about is your appearance.

Tip: Write down any  “negative consequences ” you can think of (no matter how silly they sound) then cross them out and you write at least one reason why that isn’t true!

  1. Don’t let other people’s limiting beliefs become yours.

What we choose for ourselves doesn’t impact other people so when people start pushing their own insecurities onto us, this starts to affect our mindset. The truth is most people that love you and care about you and people that you want in your life, will be supportive of you.

  1. Resistance to change is normal

Our brain does not like what is not familiar. Habits are familiar. Once you break that habit, it now becomes unfamiliar, for example, If you always have a biscuit with your tea, that’s familiar. Once you have a cup of tea without a biscuit and do that a few times, that’s your new normal. You’ve just got to make the unfamiliar, familiar!

Same with getting flatter abs, it’s something new and may not feel right (it’s not “familiar”). Often, just as someone gets leaner, they will then start to have more treats and put the weight back on. Instead, next time you reach for a biscuit or go to undo all your hard work, just tell yourself, “it’s just resistance, resistance is normal. I just need to wait for this to become “familiar”.”

  1. You find it hard to accept compliments

Many people I have come across find it really hard to accept compliments or even struggle with self-praise and can’t say nice things about themselves out loud. It can be quite tricky to work through, so my simple yet effective advice is Next time someone pays you a compliment, just say, “thank you”.

Also, try to write a list of your positives, so you can start to practice self-praise.

  1. Do you think weight loss is a dirty word?

If words like “weight loss” “fat or loss” or “transformation” sparks a negative reaction or feeling, in any way, you know you’ve got a weight loss block you need to work through.

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xx Natalie

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