By now you will be well aware that to be lean you need your body to be sensitive to sugar (manage sugar well)

To lose weight and be lean, you need your body to be good at taking sugar from your blood, to your muscles where it is used for energy, otherwise it is stored as fat.

People manage insulin (sugar) differently, some manage sugar very well, their muscles utilise sugar, they can do well on a diet with good quality carbohydrates, these people are lean.  Whilst others have to avoid carbs to stay slimmer, their muscles don’t use sugar well, they can struggle with their weight.
If you are insulin resistant – sugar gets stored as fat

Everyone who struggle’s with weight, will have some degree of insulin resistance,
some just worst than others

when someone becomes VERY insulin  Resistant
– They can gain weight just from a handful of grapes
– They may joke “i get fat just looking at a cake”

– This doesn’t mean you should cut out all fruit long term – but instead will need to improve the function of your body, so you can manage sugar better….

Insulin resistance – is linked with all disease, particulary heart disease so its well worth improving it so you become more INSULIN SENSITIVE 🙂

Causes of poor ability to handle sugar;
Dieting – restricting food too much
Skipping meals
Not eating enough
Eating too much sugar or too many carbs (even as a kid this can cause problems later)
Not being active enough
Genetics (although can only blame 25% down to genes)

Symptoms of poor ability to handle sugar: 

Have trouble losing body fat

Always feeling hungry

Crave carbohydrates

Feeling tired

Gain weight easily

Good news is: It is possible to help your body manage sugar better and alter your insulin sensitivity, make you leaner, make it easier to stay leaner and even reduce risk to health….


You can improve your ability to manage insulin better and your ability to be leaner by doing the following things:

  • Eating a diet high protein and high smart fats also help improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Weight training
  • Eat whole, low GI complex carbs. such as berries and citrus, and all veggies
  • Reduce or avoid: simple carbohydrate foods with artificial sweeteners, and high-glycemic carbs such as bread, pasta, crackers, diet soft drinks, fizzy soft drinks, sports drinks, cereal….
  • Using specific supplements such as magnesium, fish oil, carnitine, Poliquin Insulinomics, POliquin gluco reg or Fenuplex.

Foods to eat if trying to manage weight loss:

Glycemic Load= Ranking system for carbohydrate contents in food portions based on their glycemic index (GI) and the portion size.


Can eat as much as you like of the following: (just some examples)



Bamboo shoots



Carrots- raw





Green beans






Pea pods



Salad greens



Squash, summer



Water chestnut



1/4 avocado

Nuts and seeds (6-10 handfuls of nuts)


The following help lower the glycemic index by 30% – making them a good food choice to accompany meals, especially meals that are high in carbohydrates.:


Dills and sweat pickles

Green olives


Lemon juice

Lime juice

Marinated vegetables

Pickled= beets, garlic, legumes, peppers, sauerbraten , sauerkraut .

Tangy salsas


Vinegar and oil salad dressing


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