Lose Weight Once and For All

Embrace a Healthier and Happier Life

You have the world in your hands, you have achieved your goals, built a great career and made yourself proud in many aspects of your life.

But somehow, there are things you haven’t mastered yet like a healthy body image, maintainable weight loss, proper nutrition, optimal digestion, good quality sleep or an exciting workout. As a driven and independent woman, you are capable of changing your life but sometimes, you need help, too..

My name is Natalie Portelli, I'm a integrative nutritionist, health consultant and weight loss specialist (My online transformation program "Lose Weight Once and For All" is my life's work) I've help hundreds of driven busy women achieve their ideal body, heal digestive issues sustain a healthier and happier lifestyle forever!

As a weight loss mentor armed with a wealth of knowledge on mindset coaching, blood sugar management, metabolism, exercise, health, digestion, nutrition and sleep enhancement... I promote weight loss that you can sustain for the long haul, no temporary results!

Best of all, I understand your busy lifestyle and I will ensure you stay on top of things while you live a healthy, well-balanced life.

Ready to get the body you want? Then it's time to get the help you deserve

All of us envision ourselves in an hourglass figure while having negligible weight, for some, it is tough to achieve due to lack of time but not always. Realizing the value of weight loss for busy women, I have designed special Weight loss programs for women. These programs are highly efficient in reducing pounds of weight and tons of fat within a given time frame. Those who worry about how to lose weight fast can benefit themselves with my effective programs and valuable guidance.

For working women investing time in such programs is quite distressing and hence they can rely upon our weight loss tips for busy women which would conveniently go with their hectic schedule. The chief goal behind the running of such programs is to ensure lose weight once and for all.