Case study # 1
Job: Director
Age: 48 year old
Other: Single Mum

This client actually went beyond her goal and at one point asked me for advice to not lose any more fat 🙂

There was a very pivotal moment at the start, when something I said to her, sparked her mindset to "change" in an instant!
From that moment on, she sailed through the program and her results results came very easily....
So what was it I said ?
Something along the lines of:
" You got what you are today, because you believed you could, you applied the belief, that you could be successful in your career And then achieved all that you wanted.... Now all you need to do is apply that same exact mindset of believing in yourself, to your weight loss and you'll be equally successful with your weight loss as you are within business. You will find my mindset coaching easy to apply because you've done already, It's just replying to weight loss instead of Business. You see mindset is mindset and weight loss comes down to your "core belief system"

Results in 12 weeks:
31 cm lost (only from places measured, would . have been more all over )

Measurements At the start:
Chest 93
Waist 79
Hips 94
Above knee ish Thigh L 59cm
Upper arms L 28

Measurements at the end program:
Waist 79 after 70 - 9cm
Hips 94 after 89 - 5cm
Thigh 59 after 55 - 4cm
Upper arm after 26 - 2cm
Chest after 86 - 7cm
Above knee after 41 - 4cm
Weight 9”11.8 after 9”1’8 - 10 pounds lost

List created on first call
(What is going to be "needed" to get desired results)

✓ = achieved

✓ Mindset

✓ Look after self well emotionally

✓ Emotional eating

✓ Less sugar / break bad habits

✓ Build new habits

✓ Self control

✓ Help with exercise

✓ Maintain forever

✓ Get results to keep going

Goal List
(Created on firs call)

✓ = achieved
✓ From 10 to 9.5 (8.13 ) smashed it

✓ Tight 10 to lose lean 10 (smashed it Karen Millan 10s all too big )

✓ Not feel flabby

✓ Legs arms abs

✓ Suits and skirts fit looser

✓ All wardrobe fit looser

✓ Karen dress go back down a notch

✓ Feel comfortable in all clothes or more clothes for travelling in

✓ Confidence

✓ Feel healthier / live long health life

✓ Look and feel healthy, attractive and younger

✓ Enjoy shopping - buy and look good in anything

✓ To look good in bikini

✓ Look good for holiday

✓ Role model - less sugar binge

✓ Meet up with old boss

✓ Not judge self

✓ Look good naked / should the occasion arise

✓ Energised

✓ Get a personal shopper - in process

Review from this Lady:
Amazing it works!. Natalie has nailed it, by approaching all aspects of health including hormones, metabolism, gut, mindset, exercise and food intake in a gradual manner does this approach not only have good results it is also long lasting.
Natalie is an expert in her field and has 100% enthusiasm and commitment to her clients all of the time. After just a short 12 week programme, I have reached all my goals and I have never felt better. Thank you so much Natalie..

If you would like me to help you get similar results to this
Book a free call here :

Case study # 2
Husband away in the army
Mum of two young kids
Post natal depression
Low Self Esteame
Feeling down about herself
Stuck in a rut

*To go from a size 16 - first get to a size 14
* From 90kg - down to 83kg
* For her husband to notice a difference when he returns home, for him to return to a leaner happier wife

Weight - 83kg
Size 14
(final goal achieved - half way through program:)

I Cried On the final "sign off" call with this lady, we both cried, it was very emotional moment, when I read back her list of goals to her, even though it had only been 12 weeks, If I hadn't have written notes on that first call, she would have completely forgotten how she felt just 12 weeks ago (at the start program) Because she had changed so much, she no longer resinated with the person who wrote the goal list, she had forgotten how bad she was feeling before.

We wasn't crying happy tears, because of her weight loss (although that was also fanfastic) but because she is now happy

It was ticking off this goal that "did me"
✓ "For my children to have happy memories of me"

Measurements Start: Half way through the program:
Bust 42 37
Waist: 36 27
Thigh: 25 24
Arms: 14 13

✓ Size 14

✓ Feel sense of achievement

✓ Not feel like a failure

✓ Feel like me again

✓ Confidence

✓ Self esteem

✓ Look different Nov when husband returns

✓ Healthy

[_] Like how look in mirror = working progress
✓ Wear dresses

✓ Nice tighter gym top

✓ Improve mood

✓ Positive role model

✓ Kids to have good happy memories of mum

✓ Go out

✓ Get out of rut

[_] Like how look in photos = working progress
✓ Not feel haggard / thrumpy mum

✓ Enhance relationship - self esteem so feel husband will want her -

List of needs - I need to make sure are covered to achieve desired results

✓ Increase metabolism

✓ Improve digestion

✓ Clear on food

✓ Switch mindset - so doesn't emotionally eat or reward eat

✓ Be positive

√ Support
√ Accountability
√ Reassurance


Case Study #3

When Adele came me she was stuck in a cycle of constantly trying to cut out sugar, bread, crisp.... but kept finding herself eating the exact food she was trying to avoid, which would leave her feeling a failure and stuck in a rut....

Adele was emotionally eating and comfort eating...

Her main goal was to feel more confident, that was really important to Adele because it's who she felt she was, that was her persona, she was (once) a really ultra sociable confident person.

Adele's weight (and dislike of her figure) had affected her self-esteem and confidence and ultimately her feeling like herself!!!

The conversation I had with Adele at the end of her program:

Adele "I no longer have any emotional eating at all,  I don't even think to go to food when stressful situations occur. I have better confidence, self-esteem and feel like me again"
(We then went through her long list of goals and ticked them all off - with just 1 left as working progress....)

Me "Adele, It's really great to hear that you reached your goals, not emotionally eating, feel energised, happier, better, more confident, able to socialise and have fun with your little girl, sleeping better, no knee pain, Look and feel amazing......
BUT Can you maintain it?"

NEW weight loss meal plan

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14 breakfast options

14 lunch options

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This is NOT for you, if you need lots of support or help with emotional eating, gut healing, metabolism, self control
– if you need all those things you will be better suited to my full program

BUT if it is clear simple advice on exactly what to eat, to feel and look amazing, that you want?
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Meal plans

Here is some of what people are saying about the meal plans already!

default image

" Thank you so much, for making such easy meal plans, why do we over complicate things? I can not wait to get started on my first meal"

Sarah 29th July 2019

default image

"Just received my meal plan and had a peak, this is exactly what I wanted and need, thanks"

Katy 29th July 2019

default image

"I get so confused with all the contradicting advice, I end up skipping meals because I don't know what to eat for the best,
I am so happy to have something to follow so I finally know whats right to eat"

Kelly 29th July 2019

default image

"I can not wait to get started, just in time for my holiday"

Anonymous 29th July 2019

If you do NOT want to lose any fat loss or weight loss and your a busy driven female who wants help only with gut healing or digestive issues, then this package is for you!

I help with IBS, bloating, yeast, food intolerances, bacteria, gut flora….

I have helped countless women with digestive discomfort or IBS
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“Underline gut issue can cause: poor concentration, low mood, poor energy, foggy head, poor performance and limit both career success and enjoyment of life…

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1. I will recommend some supplements that you will need to buy (but you will have access to 33-50% off of two trusted brands that I use and vouch for)

2. If you want or need me to order a food intolerance test, it would cost you between £100-£240 for the test.
(the tests are very easy to do and can be done in the convenience of your own home via a simple blood spot test kit)

default image

Change my life, Natalie gave me the right skills to improve myself

Nadine 28th May 2018

default image

I can not recommend Natalie enough,

I suffered with severe gut issues for years, which was really limiting the quality of my life. Natalie helped me until all my symptoms had completely gone and I’m pleased to report my digestion is now amazing. I’m happier, have loads of energy, sleep better, can go out to eat with my husband and now enjoy life to it’s fullest....

Dee 6th February 2019

default image

Working with Natalie Portelli was one of the greatest experiences I've had. She helped me so much. Natalie was constantly available to answer any questions I had and/or to give me continuing advice. Nothing I asked of her was too much. She's very friendly and very knowledgeable, She healed my bad gut to which I will be eternally grateful (and internally grateful!!). Her enthusiasm, optimism and friendliness got me through tough times along the way. I also am very happy with the knowledge that she will always be there for me in the future even though I've come to the end of my programme with her. I know that if I need her advice anytime in the future, she will be there for me and that's a great comfort. Thank you so much, Natalie, you truly are a star!!! I'd recommend her without a doubt.

Diane Marshall 6th May 2019

I am pleased to offer (a very limited number) of 1-1 consultations
via 1hr video calls or phone calls

One-one has to be well suited to someone who can be accountable for themselves, doesn’t have any comfort eating and doesn’t need lots of support with putting things in place and can build habits well on their own…

In other words 1-1 consultations are well suited to someone who just needs “instructions to follow!’

If you’d need more help with

Mindset coaching
Gut healing
Sleep issues
Blood sugar

Then you’d probably be better suited to my full transformation program

BUT if however you simply want correct nutrition knowledge, individual advice, clear simple steps to follow?

Then I can offer you some of the best coaching money can buy

This will be a session filled with my wisdom, I tend to overflow on helpful tips and will give you the maximum amount of help possible in 1 session

These sessions are designed to clear up ALL confusion around fat loss and nutrition, prevent you from wasting anymore time on mistakes and put a stop to guess work….

By the end of the consultation you will feel confidant and trust that you now know EXACTLY how to follow a correct healthy lifestyle for a leaner body.

Most nutritionists will see you every 2-3 weeks and give you 1-3 small tips per session (this can take 3-12 months of slow progressive appointments)

I believe that those well suited to 1-1 consultations will only need 1-2 sessions

(I never do more than 2 per person)

1-1 Consultation
(Phone or video call)

I only ever do a maximum of 2 consultations per person
Because I feel that only 1 to 2 consultation sessions are needed

One- one consultations are about giving you as much help, information and advice in an hour

Ahead of the call you will be given 3 brief questionnaires and a food dairy chart to complete
so I can prepare to give you the best individual help and advice in the consultation

default image

Gave me the motivation I needed. So knowledgable and always on hand for any help and support or, in my case, a giant push in the right direction. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, just do it!

Claire 26th March 2019

default image

Great advice and really helped me learn more about what I should be eating to be maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lizi 26th March 2019

default image

Exemplary knowledge and passes it on well to educate others

Jodie 26th March 2019

Once And For All Transformation Program

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This extraordinary program includes everything needed:

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Nothing is left to chance!

And insight to what expect from the program:

•Everything you need to help you achieve the very best results.

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•Mindset Coaching will be the key to your lasting weight loss success.

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(On the call we will check I can help you with your goals and see if you’d be well suited to the )

default image

Fabulous, Natalie is truly amazing. Knows her stuff.. highly recommend

Fantastic, really personal service. Helped improve my health as well as weight and inch loss. Confidence has improved also. Thank you so much Natalie you trusty are a superstar

Isha 9th March 2018

default image

Great advice and support. Never had anyone so knowledgeable help me realise my goals in such a sustainable way. Definitely thoroughly recommend Natalie and her services

Emma 29th March 2019

default image

The support and program I was given was absolutely incredible. Natalie covered every aspect of improving your lifestyle. When I contacted Natalie, I was foggy headed, having lots of tummy trouble, low self esteem, weight I couldn’t shift and treating myself pretty bad really. But since starting my program, my life has completely transformed. My body does not only look better, but I feel amazing!! I look after myself more and feel so much more confident. If it wasn’t for Natalie, her support and her program, I’d have still have been limping through life, eating horrific foods, hardly sleeping and subjecting my family to my mood swings. Her program is second to none. I could not recommend Natalie enough.

Lisa 7th May 2019

default image

Natalie is amazing. She really cares about my progress and getting me to my goal. She is there anytime I need her and is a mine field of information in health, nutrition, weight loss and much more. She never judges, just supports, guides and provides her knowledge.

Diane 4th June 2019

Revolution – Weight Loss Mindset Program
Transformation Weight Loss Program


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Fat loss cheat sheet:
10 Tips From Busy Women Who Succeeded in Losing Weight!




This will be one of the most important calls of your life (or at least of your weight loss journey) Major shifts are created from these calls alone, so I’m really excited for you. 🙂

If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of My amazing success stories, I’ll just quickly fill you in:

Some of these clients have been struggling with their weight for years, some have had life changing weight loss results (90lb) whilst others had just 8lb of fat to lose but transformation still took place with added muscle tone, better energy, sleep, digestion…. so don’t worry wherever you are right now, you can get some fast dramatic results!


I take all the calls myself (I do not use a sales team)

I aim to get calls booked in within 72hours!

Please fill in the form below (to book your call in at a suitable time)

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    Let me know if you have any questions and please can you promise to let me know if you can’t make the call in good time as these spaces are very limited.


    Warmest Regards
    Natalie Portelli